Virginia Grace Social is a blog dedicated to inspiring thoughtful weddings and cultivating a purposeful newlywed life. We curate weddings filled with hospitality, with details that are authentic to the Bride & Groom’s love story, and newlywed inspiration for building marriage well.

It’s our hope that Virginia Grace Social will encourage you to plan your wedding day focused on authentic and significant details that matter most.

When you feel overwhelmed by the stress or confusion of wedding planning, we hope to inspire you to choose a simple yet significant wedding planning philosophy that allows your love to be the center of the day.

Above all, we hope to help nurture your marriage and newlywed life, so that you may grow in love and marriage for years to come.



I often think back to the wholesome marriage advice that my father eloquently shared while admiring the beautiful paintings displayed at the art institute where we were married.

“Though all the paintings on the walls may not be masterpieces, they can still be fine paintings. Likewise, not all marriages may be masterpieces, but they can still be fine marriages. Tim and Lauren, here’s to a fine marriage!”

After many months of planning, an exquisite wedding day enjoyed in the warm company of family and friends, your commitment you make that day will remain. Your vows are steadfast and strong. It takes careful and loving work each day to stay true to your commitment. Friends, marriage is sometimes imperfectly perfect. It may not be a masterpiece, but it can absolutely be a fine marriage.

Virginia Grace Social believes that cultivating a fine marriage should always be #1 on your planning To-Do list. Stay focused on each other as you embark on your engagement season and life-long journey together. 


We believe that preparing for marriage should always be #1 on your wedding planning To-Do list.

We believe in creating an atmosphere for your wedding day that is warm and welcoming to your guests. Take pride in receiving your family and friends with goodwill, and host your guests with genuine endearment.

We believe in designing a wedding filled with details that celebrate your legacy, and have significance to your love story.


We exude a classically curated style that is enduring and intentional. We focus on quality, significance, and legacy. We receive guests with goodwill. We seek grace upon grace, walk purposeful lives of humility, and by gosh, we always have a marvelously fun time.