A Fine Marriage 25 Years In The Making

Fine MarriageLauren

Sweet friends, it is a privilege to celebrate the VGS one-month anniversary by introducing the Fine Marriage Series! The Fine Marriage Series is our newest lineup of blogs dedicated to sharing the stories of real marriages and the authentic legacies they have created.

Virginia Grace Social was designed to help adoring engaged couples navigate through the immense stress of wedding planning, by sharing genuine and sound wedding planning inspiration, centered on crafting a wedding rooted in meaning. The three pillars of the VGS Planning Philosophy stand firm at the heart of everything featured on Virginia Grace Social. One of these pillars, and perhaps the most significant of the three, is to cultivate a fine marriage.

The term Fine Marriage comes from VGS Editor’s Father, Chris. During his Father Of The Bride speech at her wedding, Chris shared the most beautiful and true marriage advice that correlated the dedication of the artists who crafted the beautiful paintings displayed at the art institute, to the day-to-day acts of marriage. 

“Though all the paintings on the walls may not be masterpieces, they can still be fine paintings. Likewise, not all marriages may be masterpieces, but they can still be fine marriages. Tim and Lauren, here’s to a fine marriage!”

When the hours of planning have passed and your delightful wedding weekend celebration comes to an end, the commitment in love you make on your wedding day will remain. Your vows are steadfast and strong, and require careful loving work every single day. Friends, marriage is sometimes imperfectly perfect. It may not be a masterpiece, but it can absolutely be a fine marriage.

Virginia Grace Social believes that cultivating a fine marriage should always be #1 on your wedding planning To-Do list. It is our mission to help you stay focused on cultivating a fine marriage throughout your planning season by sharing advice and inspiration that allows you to not only plan a great wedding, but that helps you to prepare for the beautiful sanctity of marriage. We hope that the Fine Marriage Series will do just that. 


Meet Michele and Tom

It is an absolute honor and delight to introduce you to Michele and Tom! Michele and Tom have been married for 25 years, although Tom feels as if it has only been 3 sweet years (swoon!). In celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary, their Daughter gifted them an anniversary photo shoot, a thoughtful gift that allowed Michele and Tom to capture their legacy and love. Their adoring daughter thoughtfully shared her view of the legacy that her parents have built:

I was 6 years old when I stood up in my mom and soon-to-be-step dad's wedding. Poised next to my future stepbrother, we solemnly "gave away" our parents to one another. Their love is and always has been a natural one-- something that I always took for granted. But as I got older and became more attuned to the complex emotions of others, I also began to see the work they put in. The intentional conversations, the comforting affection, and the silly moments too. They are always ready to laugh. Ready to ballroom dance in the kitchen. Ready to take a road trip or an adventure-- they're even ready to sky dive. I can't speak for them and what they feel, but from the outside, their relationship is one to marvel at. As their daughter I am impressed with the love they share daily, and how they, quietly and sweetly, share that love with the world. 

We love that Michele and Tom are a true team. Each life adventure they encounter is approached and walked through together. Marriage intends for you to be unwavering in your commitment together, and much of that means remaining partners, together, against all odds. Cheers to a Fine Marriage! 


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Photography: Maison Meredith Photography