A Joyous Wedding at Miami University of Ohio

When two hearts beat as one and both attended Miami, it’s a Miami Merger
— Miami University Alumni Association

For these sweet Miami Mergers, cultivating a fine marriage began eight years ago on the beautiful campus of Miami University. The rich charm and unique legacy of the school exudes an endearing ambience, one that blossomed Christine and Tim’s meaningful friendship into a steady relationship. Though their lives as Miami Alumni have taken Christine and Tim around the globe, it seemed only fitting that their wedding be held at the delightful setting where it all started. Christine and Tim crafted a wonderful wedding centered on their compassionate love for each other with simple yet significant details true to their legacy. From the venue to the seating arrangement, every detail of Christine and Tim’s celebration perfectly represented their love story. Friends, we encourage you to pay extra careful attention to Christine and Tim throughout their photos. The joy felt between this sweet couple on their wedding day absolutely bursts through their beautiful photos. Your heart will soar and we hope you enjoy!

Christine lovingly created a travel journal with her personal vows to Tim. Her heartwarming gesture will serve as the perfect reminder of their commitment in marriage for Tim during his travels. 

Christine and Tim allowed their love for traveling the globe to be the focal point of their reception design and décor. 

Have a special sweet tooth? VGS encourages you to incorporate your own personal flare to your wedding cake, just as Christine and Tim did with their dedicate doughnut bar. What a treat! 

A Note from Amanda Donaho Photography

Christine & Tim have spent their years together as a couple saying lots of “goodbyes” and “hellos” in the airport, as their relationship at many times has had them across the globe from each other – and each time of seeing each other again has been so special.  Tim travels internationally for work (and of course he works for an amazing non-profit, because that only makes the story better!) and he last left the country for work on June 9th.  (Are you ready for this?)  They didn’t see each other from June 9th until SHE WALKED DOWN THE AISLE (July 17th)!!  There was not a dry eye in the house, and Tim’s reaction to seeing his bride simply can’t be put into words.


Ceremony Venue: Sesquicentennial Chapel, at Miami University

Reception Venue: The Heritage Room at the Shriver Center, Miami University

Photography: Amanda Donaho Photography

DJ: DJ Steve the Greek

Donut Bar: Bill’s Donuts

Hair: Luna Blu Salon