Charming and Rustic Virginia Winery Wedding

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Oh friends, we are filled with joy to share this beautiful wedding story with you. Emily and Scott crafted a remarkably sweet wedding celebration centered on their carefully cultivated love, and the admiration they share for their near-and-dear loved ones. Every detail of Emily and Scott’s charming winery wedding was carefully selected with intentional focus on ensuring that their guests would be well received with genuine delight. Their preparation for marriage was given equally careful attention and planning. Our hearts are deeply warmed by Emily’s wonderful note, and we hope that you find her words and thoughts to be fruitful as you journey through your own personal wedding planning season. Do enjoy!


A Letter From The Bride

How We Crafted an Authentically Well-Planned Wedding

No element was as important to us during the wedding planning process as our guests. The honor of having our closest friends and family members put aside their own plans and priorities to spend the day celebrating was not lost on us. Instead of ascribing to the common notion that the wedding day is all about the couple, we chose to place our focus on the people who supported us through the years—both as individuals and as a couple—and we wanted them feel as intimately involved in the day as we were. This translated into keeping some of the traditional elements (like flowers and decor) very simple, while investing more significantly into elements that made guests feel comfortable and taken care of, such as arranging for transportation and assisting with travel logistics. These elements are not very glamorous, and don't translate into beautiful photographs, but they do make guests feel less like audience members and more like active participants in the wedding.

We included family and friends in every aspect of day's events—from using my parent's cake topper to top our own cake, to wearing my grandmother's beautiful pearl-encrusted barrette, to creating a super fun playlist that included the songs we danced to with our friends over the years. Incorporating these personal touches (and more!) in the day made us feel like our wedding was part of something much larger than the two of us—it became part of our family's legacy.

How We Focused on Cultivating a Fine Marriage

Though the engagement period was an incredibly blissful and exciting life stage for us, planning the wedding was not all sunshine and roses. For us, the planning process taught us so much about setting priorities together, listening to each other, compromising, and making decisions as a team. We learned how to do this through several pre-marital counseling sessions with our officiant, and through something Scott called "State of the Pre-Unions." These were weekly meetings (which often included wine and nachos) that consisted of discussing all of the plans made the prior week and all of the decisions and tasks that would be required the following week. These weekly check-ins broke down the process into smaller, more manageable chunks, and made it so that we both felt heard, involved, and informed every step along the way. This strategy not only made the planning process fun and enjoyable, but we have also translated the principles we employed during the engagement as we navigate through our first year of marriage. We're not perfect, but we are working everyday to refine our skills and strengthen our relationship, and that's what matters most!


Photography: Jared Ladia Photography

Catering:  Foods

Tents, Rentals, and Decor: MS Events

Cake: Albemarle Baking Company

Transportation: Ambassador Limousine

Bands and DJ: Class Productions

Venue: Trump Winery

Florist: One Sweet Day in May

Videographer: Chris Yeatts Wedding Films

Officiant: Marilu Thomas, Christ Episcopal Church

Hair and Makeup: Brianna B. Adams LLC and The Spot Beauty Shop

Rings and Jewelry: Fink's Jewelers

Alterations & Tailoring: Express Alterations by Anna