First Things To Do After Getting Engaged

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Virginia Grace Social was created to be a resource to help sweet engaged couples navigate through the stress of wedding planning by sharing real, genuine, sound, and tangible wedding planning inspiration and advice for crafting a celebration rooted in legacy, hospitality, and the focus on cultivating a fine marriage. Getting engaged is one of the most monumental moments in your life. It is a time that should be fully enjoyed. Beginning your engagement right by taking proper first steps in your wedding planning process can have an enormous impact on your overall experience in wedding planning.

VGS is inspired by Kara and Chris’s adoring and cozy engagement session to share our Well-Planned Guide on First Things To Do After Getting Engaged. We recommend following these items as the absolute first steps in planning your wedding, and before you begin following a wedding planning timeline. 

Announce The News

Yay! You are getting married! Begin by announcing your thrilling news to your parents, followed by your near-and-dear loved ones, including: siblings, grandparents, close family, and best friends.

Sharing your engagement announcement is best done in person. Video chat and phone calls work well too, especially if you are unable to share your happy news in person. Announcing your engagement is a monumental moment. We recommend taking special time to plan how you want to tell your family and friends. The last thing you want is to damper your engagement because you accidently offended someone you love by not sharing your announcement in the proper way. Only share your news on social media after your VIPs have been informed directly

Begin Planning Your Wedding Vision

This is a must! Before moving forward in the planning process, VGS advocates for taking proper time to hone in on all that you want your wedding celebration to be. In doing so, you will make better decisions throughout your planning process, and will avoid making last minute changes. For example, hosting a black tie or casual coastal reception will impact the style of wedding gown you select. A few fabulous starting questions are: 

  • How do we want to feel on our wedding?
  • How do we want our guests to feel at our wedding?
  • What type of atmosphere do we want to celebrate our marriage in?
  • What legacies, traditions, and heirlooms do we want to incorporate?

For more details on creating your wedding vision, visit the VGS Well-Planned Guide, Five Tips for Creating Your Wedding Vision here!


Insure Your Bling

Insuring your ring is a simple step that can be easily overlooked once you begin the full wedding planning process. Your engagement ring is now one of your own personal legacies and heirloom pieces. Keep it safe and insure it immediately.

Define Your Budget

Your budget will drive almost all of your decisions, and much of your wedding planning process. Set your budget before you begin planning and stick to it.

Gather The Guest List

Once your budget is set, begin drafting your guest list. Having your guest count will help you in selecting your venue, vendors, and décor.

VGS suggests making an event out of creating your guest list! Go on a coffee date with your new fiancé and draft your guest list together. Once your guest list is drafted, incorporate your parents in the conversation to ensure all family and close family friends are included.