Five Tips for Creating Your Wedding Vision


At VGS, we dream of a world where wedding planning is a truly blissful season overflowing with joy. We hear time and time again from so many brides that turning wedding inspiration into your own beautiful celebration is one of the most overwhelming chapters of wedding planning. It can be very easy to become engulfed by the latest trends and left puzzled and perplexed at knowing how to design your wedding day. We are inspired by Alyson and Scott’s lovely wedding to share our advice on managing your wedding inspiration and creating your vision. 

Above All, Focus on the Priorities  

We have carefully crafted the VGS Wedding Planning Philosophyas a guide to staying focused on the most significant ingredients of wedding planning. When you feel overwhelmed with wedding planning, we encourage you to focus on these tried-and-true ingredients as a way to make decisions and navigate through the planning process.

Hospitable Authenticity

Age-Old Tradition

Cultivate a Fine Marriage

Venture Outside Wedding Photos and Inspiration Boards 

VGS encourages you to venture outside the standard wedding inspiration photos and boards, and to seek inspiration from unique and artful sources. Grab your honey and spend a day strolling through local art galleries, markets, or shops to find inspiration. Look to your own personal love tale and the legacy of your heritage for inspiration that serves purpose to you (our personal favorite). We have found that the best wedding inspiration comes from:

  • Legacies (your personal legacy and that of your loved ones)
  • Fabrics and Patterns
  • Heirlooms
  • Traditions 
  • Feelings (how do you want your guests to feel at your wedding?)
  • Surroundings and Atmosphere 

Remove the Excess

Darling, have you ever felt pressured to have a full inspiration board with hundreds of photos dedicated to undo’s and lipstick color? We have and we are happy to share with you that you do not need to swim in photos upon photos to make your wedding inspiration board complete. We suggest quite the opposite actually. Too many photos can make your mind whirl. Hone in on those elements that speak to your vision, and remove those photos with details that do not. 

Ask The Experts

When it comes to turning inspiration into actuality and vision into creation, we recommend that you enlist the experts. Your vendors are master creatives and experts in their field who work daily and tirelessly at perfecting their craft. You hired your Dream Team vendors because you trust them and appreciate the fine work they do. VGS encourages you to seek guidance and advice from your vendors as you navigate through your planning process and make decisions on you wedding day design. Consultant with your vendors and leverage their expertise to help you craft your vision. 

Take Proper Time 

If you ever felt obligated to begin planning your wedding immediately after getting engaged, you are not alone. We know that sometimes life situations can force you to have to begin wedding planning as soon as you enter into your engagement, but we advocate for taking proper time before you begin planning to really hone in on all that you want your wedding celebration to be. You do not have to feel rushed to decide on everything at once. Flutter about in your engagement with happiness, and engage in conversation with your new fiancé about those key elements that are most important to include in your celebration. Remember to seek inspiration outside of the standard wedding planning boards, and always keep building a fine marriage first on your planning to-do list. 

VGS hopes these five simple yet significant tips will help you to manage your wedding inspiration and create your vision. We look forward to spending more time on this topic in the future after the Grand Opening Launch Celebration. Stay tuned, darlings!

With the help of their Dream Team vendors, Alyson and Scott magnificently turned their wedding vision to creation. It was spectacular! See their full wedding story here!


Venue: The Island House 

Photography: Dana Cubbage Weddings 

Planning, Coordination, and Floral Design: Fox Events 

Band: Travis Allison Band 

Catering: Hamby Catering 

Rentals: Snyder 

Lighting: Innovative Event Services