Five Ways to Cultivate a Fine Marriage During Your Engagement

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VGS believes cultivating a fine marriage should always be #1 on your wedding planning to-do list. Your wedding season is one of the most celebratory and blissful times in life. Sipping champagne at your engagement party and shopping for your perfect bridal gown are joyous occasions that should be fully celebrated and enjoyed, but the commitment in love you make on your wedding day will remain long after the celebrations end. We advocate for designing a wedding rooted in the VGS Planning Philosophy, and spending intentional time cultivating a fine marriage throughout your engagement.

Virginia Grace Social is inspired by Emily and Grant’s adoring engagement session to share the VGS Well-Planned Guide on Five Ways to Cultivate a Fine Marriage During Your Engagement. 

Set Goals for Your First Year of Marriage

Your first year of marriage is a time that should be focused on building a solid foundation for your relationship, and a time that should be cherished and treasured. It is also a year that will absolutely fly by (yes, it may feel even faster than your engagement!). As you indulge over the top tier of your wedding cake in celebration of your first anniversary, you will feel as though you just returned from your honeymoon two weeks ago. We encourage you to make the most of your first year married by setting goals and listing specific plans you seek to accomplish during your first year of marriage. Your first year of marriage goals can be everything from planning out regular dates to developing a weekly cleaning schedule. The point is, setting goals for your first year will help you ease into the transition of marriage, and will help you to keep the newlywed joy alive, even during the everyday mundane.


Decide on Your New Family Traditions

Incorporating traditions into your marriage is a wonderful way to create your personal legacy as a couple. Spend time during your engagement discussing the type of legacy what you hope to cultivate in your marriage, and the traditions you want to incorporate into your new family life. Entering your marriage with your new family traditions established, allows you to begin building your legacy as a couple at the start of your marriage, and will help spark your newlywed bliss. Perfect for knocking the post wedding blues. 

Spend Intentional Time Together in Purposeful Conversation

Your engagement is a blissful yet busy season. It is important to spend intentional time throughout your engagement enjoying each other’s company, and engaging in conversation that will help you prepare for your marriage. Plan out specific topics that you and your fiancé should talk through. Schedule intentional time together, aside from your wedding planning rendezvous, to stay connected. Perhaps enjoy a weekend getaway together or have weekly coffee dates. Either way, be intentional about making purposeful heart-to-heart time with each other.


Seek Pre-Marital Guidance

VGS encourages you to take part in marriage prep together with other married couples. Attend a pre-martial class or workshop that appeals to you and your fiancé. Seek out a near-and-dear married couple to serve as a mentor for you and your fiancé. Together, plan double dates where you can discuss challenges that they have faced in their marriage, and ways they have overcome such conflicts. Many married couples face similar hurdles along the way. VGS encourages you to seek out marriage guidance from others who have walked the road before you, especially as you prepare for marriage.


Remember to Enjoy Your Engagement

Sweet friends, your engagement may not be perfect, but it should be a time filled with happiness. Soon, it will all come to an end, and your engagement season will be an adoring memory for you and your fiancé to reminisce on. Remember to enjoy the process and each other!


Cheers to a fine marriage, Emily and Grant!

Photography: Katelyn James Photography