Glamorous + Tuscan Holiday Styled Shoot set in South Africa

Styled Shoot, Well-PlannedLauren

The Holiday Season brings a unique sense of wonder and joy to our world that is only experienced during this magical time of year. Pair the holidays together with a wedding, and our hearts flutter in pure delight! Each detail of this glamorous Tuscan-inspired holiday styled shoot set in South Africa, marvelously created by Kibogo Photography and Agape Wedding and Event Design , was designed with perfection. This breathtaking styled shoot has inspired us to share four tips on finding and managing your wedding day design inspiration. 

Seek Inspiration from Meaningful and Artful Sources

We encourage you to venture outside of the standard wedding inspiration photos and boards, and to seek design inspiration from meaningful and artful sources. Discover inspiration for your wedding day décor in your own personal love story and legacy. Spend a day strolling through local art galleries, markets, or shops to find style inspiration that is unique and artful. We encourage you to talk through these questions to begin developing your overall wedding day design inspiration.

What are some favorite memories that you and your fiancé share?

What are your favorite colors?

What hobbies and interests do you and your fiancé share?

What family heirlooms or traditions do you want to incorporate into your wedding?

Do you have a favorite fabric or pattern that you would like to incorporate to your wedding design?

What type of atmosphere do you want to be surrounded by on your wedding day?

Remove the Excess

Sometimes having a full inspiration board with hundreds of photos dedicated to wedding dress styles and shades of periwinkle can make your head spin. Your wedding décor inspiration boards should be energizing and motivating. We encourage you to hone in on the style and décor details that fit in line with your wedding vision, and remove those photos with details that do not.


Ask The Experts

When it comes to making your inspiration come to life on your wedding day, we recommend that you enlist the expertise of the professionals. Your vendors are master creatives and experts in their field, who work daily and tirelessly at perfecting their craft. You hired your Dream Team vendors because you trust them and appreciate the fine work they do. We encourage you to seek guidance and advice from your vendors as you navigate through your planning process and make decisions on you wedding day design. Consultant with your vendors and leverage their expertise to help you transform your inspiration boards into your wedding day design.

Take Proper Time

If you felt obligated to begin planning your wedding immediately after getting engaged, you are not alone. We know that sometimes life situations can force you to have to begin wedding planning as soon as you enter into your engagement, but we advocate for taking proper time before you begin planning to really hone in on all that you want your wedding celebration to be. You don’t have to feel rushed to decide on everything at once. Flutter about in your engagement with happiness, and engage in conversation with your new fiancé about those key elements that are most important to include in your celebration. Remember to seek inspiration outside of the standard wedding planning boards, and always keep building a fine marriage first on your planning to-do- list. 


Photography: Kibogo Photography

Co-ordination, Styling & Design: Agape Wedding and Event Design

Venue: Brenaissance

Floral Design: Aspen Flowers and Co.

Cake, Confectionery & Dessert: Centerpiece Cakes

Hair & Makeup: Lisa Brown

Stationery: Lara’s Designs

Bridal Gown: Bo and Luca

Bridesmaid’s Dress: Zara

Groom’s Suit: TopShop Man

Groomsman’s Suit: More

Crockery: Hemelhuijs

Cutlery: Two Birds at the Dairy Shed

Décor: Urban Tonic

Models: Zoe Macfarlane, Cleo Payne, Frank Muggeridge from Boss Models

Model: Kyle Krige