Three Ways to Show Hospitable Authenticity to Your Bridal Party

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At Virginia Grace Social, we believe in crafting an authentically well-planned wedding utilizing the three pillars of the VGS Wedding Planning Philosophy as focal points throughout the planning process. Planning a wedding filled with hospitable authenticity is key to hosting a celebration that your guests will thoroughly enjoy. To us, hospitable authenticity means receiving your guests with goodwill. We encourage focusing less on impressing, and more on creating an atmosphere that welcomes your guests with gracious delight.

The sweet people in your bridal party are some of the most meaningful guests you will host during your wedding celebration. Ensuring that you exude hospitable authenticity to your bridal party throughout your engagement is one of the most important areas of focus while wedding planning.

Dena and Jes exuded hospitable authenticity throughout their wedding, particularly with their bridal party. VGS is inspired by their hospitality to share the VGS Well-Planned Guide on Three Ways to Show Hospitable Authenticity to Your Bridal Party.



Plan Your Celebration With Your Bridal Party In Mind

Exuding hospitable authenticity to your bridal party begins the very moment you lovingly ask your VIPs to be a bridesmaid or groomsmen. As your wedding planning process unfolds, keep your bridal party at the forefront of your arrangements. Make decisions and preparations that will allow your bridal party to have a positive, relaxing, and fun experience during your wedding weekend. A few arrangements to consider include:

  • Budget (consider costs for all your wedding events and occasions)
  • Paid Time Off Work
  • Transportation (throughout the day)
  • Food and Drink (throughout the day)
  • Attire

Keeping your bridal partyโ€™s experience in mind while planning your wedding will help everyone to have an enjoyable celebration. You cannot always please everyone, and you may encounter sticky situations along the way. Approach these issues with grace, and do the best you can! Which leads us you our next point, communicate well. 

Communicate Well

The adoring people in your bridal party are those family and friends who are most meaningful to you. You have fostered these relationships for some time, and it probably safe to say these are the people closest to you. They love you and want to celebrate your marriage as a part of your bridal party. It may feel awkward and unusual to ask others to spend several weekends celebrating you at your wedding events or to spend a few hundred dollars on a dress for your wedding, but take heart, these people adore you and want to do such things for you because they care for you. That is what near-and-dear loved ones do for each other. Who knows, you may return the favor and stand up in their wedding someday too. The point is, your bridal party wants to celebrate your marriage, and it makes for a much happier experience when you communicate your plans.

We recommend communicating plans and preparations well in advance, so that your bridal party has adequate time to plan on their end. Create a good organizational system that makes sharing plans fun. When in doubt, over communicate. Communicating your wedding plans all depends on how you approach situations, and we advocate for always communicating with a genuine and gracious attitude. 

Be a Genuinely Gracious Host

When it comes to your bridal party, the most important action item is to be a genuinely gracious host. Be thankful, kind, and show your gratitude often. Things may fall out of your control at times while wedding planning, but you can always choose a kind and grateful attitude. 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Oak Ridge Estate

Photographer: Sera Petras of Sera Petras Photography

Event Planner: Cody Grannis of Amore Events

Florist: Cody Grannis

Rentals: MS Events

Valet & Transportation: A&A Limo

Catering: BBQ Exchange

Hair & Makeup: Charlottesville Makeup Artist

Entertainment: Linden Trio (Ceremony Music), Bent Mountain Trio (cocktail hour band), Nathan King of King Studios (DJ)