We Are Moving!


Friends! Our hearts are bursting with excitement to share this happy, happy news with you- Virginia Grace Social is officially moving!

Several years ago, just a few short months before Tim and I were set to walk down the aisle on our own wedding day, Tim was presented with a thrilling career opportunity. It was an opportunity that was a dream come true for my husband, and an opportunity that we absolutely had to say YES to. So what was the catch? Well, the opportunity required us to move from our beloved home in Ohio, to the great Western half of the United States. Moving away from family and friends was difficult, downright heart-wrenching at times, but we were giddy with excitement about embarking on this new adventure. So together as newlyweds, we set forth on our Western Adventure.

Friends, these past few years have been the most life changing moments of our lives! We experienced life with an entirely new perspective. We grew closer to each other as husband and wife in a way only possible by virtue of living miles and miles away from loved ones. We became adventurers, explorers, and fell head-over-heals in love with the newfound goal of cultivating a life we love. Words cannot express how remarkable this journey has been. I'm in awe! 

We are grateful and humbled by the experiences we enjoyed together while living in the Wild West. It is bittersweet to close the chapter on this season of life, but we are filled to the brim with joy about what God has in store for us next.

So, what exactly is next?! You are invited to take a walk down memory lane, to reminisce with us on our beautiful Western Adventure, and see where Tim and I (and VGS) are headed next! 

A special THANK YOU to our Photographer Friends, who have graciously captured our many beloved adventures!

Blue Rose Photography, located in Seattle, Washington

Studio Brown, located in Dublin, Ireland

 Catherine O'Hara Photography, located in Paris, France

Brushfire Photography, located in Salt Lake City, Utah

Virginia Grace Social will be operating a bit slower than normal, as we embark on our move cross-country. Your patience and understanding is SO greatly appreciated! Thank you! VGS will be back to normal, and back with exciting new changes, by mid-March. Yay!