When You Envision Your Wedding Day in More Than One Way

Styled Shoot, Well-PlannedLauren

Together with her extraordinarily creative partners, Edelle Photography created a breathtaking styled bridal shoot that captures inspiration for artfully crafting a single color palette into a variety of wedding styles. The clever team was inspired to illustrate the unique way that wedding colors, in this case lavender, can be perfectly designed and tailored to any desired wedding style. As you will see, they infuse hues of lavender throughout their shoot to a bridal style that is first bohemian and then classic. The shoot is exquisitely simple yet sophisticated, in a way that leaves you wanting more. For VGS, the shoot left our minds wandering to the adoring bride who sees her wedding day with more than one vision or style.

The modern bohemian bridal look paired with the romantically classic ensemble reminds us of the challenge many brides face during their wedding planning process: what to do when you envision your wedding day in more than one way or style. Envisioning your wedding day in more than one location or style is as common as partaking in a cake tasting. In other words, most engaged couples navigate through this at some point during their engagement. We are happy to share if you feel this way it is normal, and we are happy to share the VGS Well-Planned Guide for When You Envision Your Wedding Day in More Than One Way.

Create Wedding Day Priorities

Perhaps you envision your wedding as a chic modern city wedding with hues of Steele grey and your guests dressed to the nines, or maybe you see yourself eloping to Tuscany for an intimate and casual whimsical affair. Of course, it would be ever so delightful to host both celebrations, but if you envision your wedding day celebration in different settings, chances are you will have to ultimately decide on one way to celebrate your big day. The first step when deciding between multiple visions is to set your priorities.

Make a list of your top five priorities that are absolute must haves when it comes to deciding on a setting or location for your wedding. Think about the few most important factors, and remember to incorporate hospitable authenticity and age-old tradition while developing your list of priorities. 

Make a Happy Medium Compromise

Compromise and wedding planning does not always bring warmth to your heart, so we like to think of it as finding your happy medium. If you envision more than one style or setting for your wedding day, we encourage you to get creatively clever in finding ways to incorporate both visions to your celebration. Using the modern black-tie city wedding and intimate Tuscany affair example, perhaps the happy medium would be to find a local venue that resembles an Italian countryside villa, where modern touches could be added or a black-tie event could be held. We encourage you to find ways to artfully design your wedding with touches that represent each setting or style you envision. See, it really is finding the happy medium rather than compromise!

Seek Out The Experts

Seeking out guidance and expert advice from your dream team vendors is an excellent way to manage more than one wedding day vision, especially when it comes to style. Lean on your florist to help you achieve floral designs that pair multiple styles together. Consider hiring a planner or stylist to design your wedding day for you. Your vendors are experts in their fields. Allow their connoisseur expertise to guide you. 


Venue: Greynolds Park North Miami

Photography: Edelle Photography

Bridal Boutique: Wildeflower Boutique

Model: Natalie Sawzak

Makeup & Hair: A Touch of Beauty by Lily 

Calligraphy: Papel & Co 

Floral Design: Anthology Co. 

Film Developer: The FIND Lab 

Ribbon: Blanche Prints