It brings me pure joy to welcome you with gracious arms to Virginia Grace Social. Welcome, welcome! I am grateful and over-the-moon with excitement that you are here, and hope that you find comfort in the VGS home.

Virginia Grace Social was created over the course of seven years through my own personal experience of being a bride, as well as witnessing many dear friends walk through their own wedding season. It was during that time that I so deeply longed for a resource that would help me navigate through the stress of wedding planning by sharing real, genuine, sound, and tangible inspiration for crafting a celebration rooted in something deeper than the latest industry trends. It was somewhere in the midst of the stress and tears agonizing over seating arrangements and table linens that led me to desire a new way of wedding planning. Surely, there had to be a better way to plan a wedding and prepare for marriage, a way filled with significance rather than pressure to throw the perfect party.

I created Virginia Grace Social to deliver wedding planning advice and inspiration that is authentic, significant, and true to the beautiful sanctity of marriage. I believe in the art of designing weddings that are simple yet significant, and decorated with details that celebrate legacy. I encourage you to focus on exuding hospitality, and to receive your guests with goodwill to all of your wedding celebrations.

It is my hope that Virginia Grace Social will inspire you to cultivate a wedding celebration that is intentional and focused on your marriage. Thank you from the depths of my heart for your company here at VGS.

With a joyful heart, Lauren



   Virginia & John, married November 14th

Virginia & John, married November 14th

   Grace & Victor, married October 16th

Grace & Victor, married October 16th


The name Virginia Grace Social came from two leading ladies my life, my Grandmothers, Virginia and Grace. Virginia and Grace exude all that VGS stands for, and when it came time to name this sweet dream of mine, it was simply the most meaningful and true name to give.